Paper Cut: BHHS Towne Realty Goes Paperless


At first the office said ‘ouch’ to the switch to paperless –  no more.

By Lee Belote
Photography By Harry Gerwien

BHHS Dot Loop 1

You won’t find a paper trail at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Towne Realty even though real estate offices typically have huge paper stacks of paper contracts and legal documents.

As of January, the business went paperless.  Company Chair and CEO Barbara Wolcott said she’s had this goal since 2009.  “Putting the whole package together was the greatest challenge,” Wolcott said.

Tim Vohar, director of education and training, researched three vendors before choosing Dotloop, a Cincinnati-based real estate transaction management software company, because its program would help with the agents, the staff and the company’s electronic storage.

BHHS Dot Loop 2

By March 2015, the realty company, which has 14 Hampton Roads locations and more than 600 employees, entered into a contract with Dotloop and started a “soft rollout” by May 2015.

Vohar worked with a selected beta group of 100 that included agents, administrative staff and managers. “It took all summer to work through it,” Vohar said.  “You don’t just plug it in and it works.  Instead, you have to build the process.”

It’s all about converting paper to electronic.  According to Vohar, 85% correlated. When it didn’t, Vohar had to figure out how to adapt the process to a digital format.

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Sources:  Inside Leadership, Vol. 2, No. 1

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