How to Sell Your Home When Relocating

Selling your home can be stressful. Now imagine selling your home when you are relocating, whether it be to another state or across town.  Certainly that would add more stress to your plate.  But with some careful planning, some of that stress can be relieved.

The first thing to do is determine whether or not you should buy first then sell, vice versa, or sell and buy simultaneously.  The financial strain of buying before selling can be enormous; however, if you have the financial stability to pay two mortgages for a couple of months this will certainly bring you peace of mind.  That may not be manageable for some, though.  Knowing the market (if it is weighted more toward buyers or more toward sellers) can help you make this decision.  A REALTOR® will help you navigate the market, which brings us to the second thing you should do…

Hire a licensed real estate agent. This person will serve many functions so it is important you trust them. They will be tasked with selling your home quickly for the best price, educating you through the home-selling process and should be realistic.  Good agents will be able to pinpoint your home’s selling points as well as the drawbacks.   An appraisal should be scheduled as well.  This will tell you how much your home is worth and will assist your real estate agent in determining the price at which you’ll list your home.  (Don’t forget to enlist a licensed real estate agent to assist you in your new home search.)

As with any home that is listed, you should be sure any repairs that need to be made have been addressed, clean and de-clutter the home, steam clean the carpets and add a fresh coat of paint, organize your belongings and tidy up the yard.  Make your space aesthetically appealing to potential buyers.  Your real estate agent will be able to give you tips on what areas of the home can use updates that will add value.  If you are simultaneously packing and selling, rent a storage unit to store your belongings while your home is being shown.

With the aid of a REALTOR® and some careful planning, selling your home while relocating (or buying one at the same time) will greatly ease the stress felt when going through both processes.  Reach out to a Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Towne REALTOR® today!

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