How To Accommodate A Large Family In A Tiny Space

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Holidays such as Thanksgiving present a problem for small space hosts and hostesses. Conquer the space issue with these tips for How To Accommodate A Large Family In A Tiny Space by 1) Plan Ahead, 2) Move Things Around, 3) Make Self Serving Stations and finally 4) Forego Traditional Arrangements.

Plan Ahead

  • Cook, prep and heat everything before guests arrive. This way you can utilize precious counter space for serving.
    • An added bonus: You’ll be less stressed and have more time for entertaining!
  • Designate space for coats/purses in an extra bedroom that is out of the way.

Move Things Around

  • Put two side tables together or combine with the coffee table. Cover with linens for added buffet or table space.
  • Move furniture against the walls to make room for entertaining.
  • If needed move furniture to the bedrooms to make space for more guests.
  • Cover a 4 person table with a large piece of plywood and linen to make it a 10 person table!
  • Keep decorations off precious surface space. Hang them on the walls instead.
  • Clear off counters in kitchen and put everything away in cabinets. This will create a welcoming space for guests to congregate & allow for space to set their plate/cocktail down while chatting.

Make Self Serving Stations

  • Keep a coffee pot on and label the cabinet where you keep “Mugs.”
  • Empty shelves on a bookcase to make space for glasses/utensils/serving plates.
  • Use kitchen island as a buffet.
  • Instead of a full bar offer premixed drinks in pitchers.
  • Spread out food and drinks stations so everyone won’t congregate in one area.

Forego Traditional Arrangements

  • Instead of traditional seating arrangements, throw floor pillows around for a comfortable “Moroccan” feel.
  • Use smaller serving plates so someone can snack while standing, sitting on a sofa, etc.

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