Farm To Table: Your #HRVA guide for Home Grown Goodness

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Vegetable Garden 101

It’s recommended to start your vegetable garden after the last freeze. For this area, that was around mid-April this year. However, there are still plenty of things you can plant that can be harvested before the next freeze, mid-October. Arugula, for example, only needs a harvest period (from seedlings) of 40 days! You can start to pick your first baby leaves after only 21 days!
Farm To Table

Here are some recommended planting dates by area and vegetable type.

Build A Garden Bed

raised-bed-plant-0416-mLearn how to build your own raised garden bed just like the one pictured to the left. Raised garden beds are perfect for irrigation, easy access, drainage and most importantly protection from pesky critters!

This particular garden bed costs around $235 and that includes the cost of soil ($290 total). Prices may vary.

Keep Out Pesky Critters

Animals that have been known to “dine in” on your vegetable garden in this area are:

Short-term solutions include repellents, dogs and& cats, traps and faux predators! Some traps can be gruesome and depending on the critter the best way to “deal” with them is to learn to coexist.

If that doesn’t work, learn how to make a barrier such as the one listed below. Fences are the most effective long-term way to keep these pesky critters out of your garden. The fence pictured below is 42″ high and is made of polyethylene and plastic poles.

pesky critters

Farm To Table Recipes

Images and Sources: Virginia Cooperative Extension,,,

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