6 Ways To Have A Professional Lawn

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You can have a professional lawn without paying someone for it. With these fairly simple steps you can be on your way to a refreshed lawn in mid-Fall.

1. Reseed

Before “reseeding” or “overseeding” it’s important to aerate the soil. For smaller
lawns an aerating tool should do the trick. Typically, the Fall and Spring are the best times of year to overseed but Fall yields the better results. You lawn may look worn overtime or develop dead spots. Overseeding can be done on it’s own or combined with aerating, however, aerating the soil first is the most effective approach. Aerating allows for more seed-to-soil contact and for more water to enter the soil.

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2. Automatic Sprinkler

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not recommended to run your automatic sprinkler for a few minutes a day everyday. According to Clean Air Gardening that really doesn’t do anything for your lawn. It’s important to water your grass deeply and less often so as to really penetrate the roots of the grass and allow for them to grow deeper in the soil. A good way to make sure you don’t overwater is to put a series of shallow storage containers in the yard and time how long it takes for one-inch of water to fill majority of them. This should be done once a week in the early morning or when there is no wind to avoid evaporation.

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$400,000 3148 CLARKE DR Virginia Beach, VA 23456

3. Mow the right height

Be sure not to mow your grass too short. Also, mowing too frequently can compact the grass not allowing for air to penetrate the soil. Guide to mowing your grass based on type. Fescue grass is the most popular grass in Southeastern Virginia. This type of grass is recommended to have a final cut height of 3inches (75mm) or 3½ to 4inches (87.5 to 100mm). A picture of Fescue grass is seen below. If you’re not sure what type of grass you have you can cut it and take a sample to your local plant nursery.

fescue grass
Fescue Grass is popular in Hampton Roads.


4. Fertilize

The best fertilizer is the organic kind. Composting grass clippings and even fruit and vegetable clippings can compost into a great soil for the lawn. Here’s a great link for a DIY compost bin that is easy to make and affordable.



5. Edging

Consider edging your flower beds over having brick trim. It provides a much cleaner look. Simply use a hoe to cut a v shape in the edge of the garden and cover with mulch. Simply creating a slit will only close back up allowing the grass to spread. Here’s a step-by-step guide from Organic Lawn DIY.


Images and Sources: Common Sense With Money, Clean Air Gardening, Organic Lawn DIY, Sunset, Dixie Green Lawns