5 Things You Should NOT Show When Staging Your Home

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A well-staged home can be crucial to its sale.  You want buyers to look at the house itself, but your personal items can be a huge turn-off.  Here are three things you should avoid showing while your home is staged for sale.

  1. Taxidermy:  If hunting is your hobby, you may have a deer head (or an entire animal) displayed on your walls. But buyers will only see death and those items will impose a sense of dread throughout the home. And if a potential buyer who detests hunters walks through your home, they may make a snap judgment and decide they don’t want to deal with you at all. In short, put those things away.
  2. Collections: You may love your collection of porcelain dolls, or want to show pride in your room covered in sports memorabilia, but these things detract from your home.  Buyers want to see your home and having these collections on display can be off-putting and distracting.
  3. Politics:  The election season is ramping up and Election Day will be here before we know it.  You may have a candidate’s sign in your front yard, or a stack of leftover flyers from when you campaigned.  While you may feel strongly about one candidate doesn’t mean everyone else will.  It’s best to tuck away that political propaganda, at least until your home is sold.
  4. Pets:  Your dogs and cats may be like your children, but they can be a huge turnoff to potential home buyers.  Take Fido to doggie-daycare for a day or two, scoop any messes in the backyard, and tuck his toys, bed and bowls out of sight.  Your feline friend may be harder to place elsewhere for a day (cats detest change and stress easily), so at the very least make sure their litter box has been cleaned and filled with fresh litter.   It wouldn’t hurt to place an air freshener in the area where the litter box is kept.
  5. YOU!  That’s right, you!  Remove some of your personal affects and photos.  We know you’re proud of your family photos, you love your souvenirs, and you think every piece of artwork your child has created should be displayed, but hide most of it.  And most importantly, make yourself scarce during open houses and whenever the home is being shown.  Your presence will make buyers uncomfortable and they won’t be able to speak freely.

A good rule of thumb:  if you’re unsure whether or not you should remove something or hide it, err on the side of caution.  And you can always ask your Realtor®.

Images and Sources: Thinkstock, Realtor.com

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