5 Home Improvement Projects For The Fall

Here are 5 Home Improvement Projects For The Fall to beat those end-of-summer blues and possibly spruce up your home if you’re looking to sell in the next year or so! #BHHSTowne #GoodToKnow

1.Paint A Room

Painting a fresh coat of paint in a room can have a dramatic effect on appearance but can also be a great activity to ask for assistance from friends or family! It’s a project that can be done in small amount of time and makes a HUGE difference. This project can do with $50 dollars to a room that would save the cost of remodeling or refurnishing!


2.Custom Trim or Molding

Custom trim and crown molding is another great way to breathe life back into a room. A popular trend right now is replacing typical baseboard with ones that are at least 5 inches wide. After applying a fresh coat of paint is the best time to consider adding trim. Not only is it cost efficient but you don’t need to hire an expert to do it.

3.Add Lighting

According to PennLive.com,”In addition to pendant lighting, another style that is growing in popularity, said Couch, is Steampunk, which is a cross between vintage and industrial designs. But for a softer more romantic feel, a crystal chandelier is still a timeless choice.” Another way to create ambiance is by installing dimmers. This is perfect for family rooms and dining rooms and will save energy costs.


Replace interior doors or interior hardware. Sometimes replacing interior doors cannot be an easy job. Especially if it’s an older home. Not all doors are going to fall into place and will involve, measuring, trimming and shaping the door to size. When replacing interior doors it’s important to have a budget in mind and to do your homework. However, simple changes like replacing hardware can make a world of difference and make old doors look younger.


Replace a faucet, grout or makeover the whole room! If you can’t afford to makeover the whole room, painting and replacing fixtures/hardware are great ways to make a bathroom look like new!

Images and Sources: ThinkStock, PennLive.com, RealEstateAol.com

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