Specialties: Buyer's Agent, Listing Agent, Relocation Teri McCracken has served her country for most of her life, both as a Navy veteran and as the spouse of a former Naval aviator. A Hampton Roads resident for more than thirty years, and mother of three grown children, she has expertise in both the community, its neighborhoods, and the schools, both public and private. She understands the challenges that moving presents to a family and uses her personal experience to help create a smooth transition for her clients. Teri has proven sales experience, having worked in retail, automotive and residential security before becoming a real estate agent. As a proven, award-winning commodity, she received the Customer Satisfaction Award employee of the year in 2015 for her work in the automotive industry. She was also awarded the Mark of Excellence Award for 1st year outstanding product knowledge and customer satisfaction and Residential Salesperson of the Month in the home security field. In 2017, she decided to turn her sales expertise to real estate, and has focused her energy on helping others to buy and sell homes in Virginia Beach and the entire Hampton Roads area. Not only is Teri a military veteran and proven sales professional, she is also a passionate advocate for her clients. Teri can be depended upon to be responsive to client outreach and concerns, meticulous with respect to details, and dogged in her search for the perfect home for her customer. Teri is diligent, reliable, and trustworthy. She knows the real estate market. She knows how to buy and sell and is zealous in the pursuit of the best deal for her clients. Her enthusiasm, energy, and commitment are unparalleled, as are her oral and written communication skills. If you're looking to buy or sell a home in Hampton Roads, call Teri McCracken. She will treat you like a friend, represent you like a professional, and watch out for you every step of the way!