Cheri Mulhare

It’s the motto that I choose to live by.

I live in Williamsburg.
Since 1984, I worked, played, volunteered, served, and have been served in our community. I call myself a homemaker. It’s an old-fashioned word, but it best describes me. I bring buyers and sellers together. I help buyers choose a home and lifestyle of their dreams. I help sellers price, stage, show, and get market value efficiently and effectively. Blending my creative skills into the world of real estate comes naturally.

I laugh in Williamsburg.
After 40 years of marriage and raising a family, I learned to choose and encourage happiness. Change is always a challenge. I bring energy, enthusiasm, confidence and calm. I reduce the stress of those around me.

I love Williamsburg.
The easy going way of life in our historic, college town, is complimented by close proximity to the ocean, surrounding waterways, mountains, cultural resources, restaurants, shopping, medical services, and endless opportunities for adult education, activities and volunteerism.
I connect people.